Getting A Randy Johnson Up in Here

//Getting A Randy Johnson Up in Here

Getting A Randy Johnson Up in Here

Brian: Hey folks, welcome to the February Edition of the Hunny Bunny Burlesque Interview. This month, I’ve got the pleasure of interviewing A Randy Johnson. Pastie creator extraordinaire, DJ, and instrumentalist.

I’ll let Randy make the pitch for his pasties, I think he does that best.

A Randy Johnson: I like to think that they speak for themselves. You can find pictures and a way to contact me at either of the two locations below. My tag line is, “The best dressed breasts have A. Randy Johnson on them.”
Instagram: @pastiesbyrandy

B: How are you doing this week?

ARJ: I’m doing well, thank you. I just got back from Puerto Vallarta. It was my first real vacation in, um….. ever? How about yourself?

B: Pretty good, thanks! Is “A Randy Johnson” your actual name? If not, where was the inspiration from?

ARJ: It’s my “actual” chosen name…. I think what you’re asking is if it is my given/birth certificate name. No, it’s not. I chose a name that could seem “normal” but was actually a bit dirty. I find most Americans don’t usually get the joke right away, but British people always get it because they don’t use the Randy as a name. I didn’t realize there was a baseball player with that name when I chose it (I don’t watch sports-ball) so I added the “A” as he seemed to be more deserving of “The” Randy Johnson. Anyway, my sister, niece, moms (yes, Randy has two mommies) most of my friends call me Randy. In fact very few people use my given name anymore. I honestly don’t care either way.

B: Hey Randy, we’ve known each other for how long now?

ARJ: I believe it’s been more than two but less than three years. Facebook says we’ve been “friends” since Feb of 2015 FWIW…..

B: How does one get into the professional pasties making business?

ARJ: “From my cold dead hands……?” But seriously, I don’t know how one gets into the pastie making business. I let life show me the path and was brave enough to follow it. I actually reluctantly started making them. Someone I was dating needed to make 14 pairs in an afternoon and I helped. Turned out I was better and faster at it so I started making pasties for them, then their friends, then word got around. So, then I got asked if I wanted to sell at a show. Almost ten years and over 8,000 pairs later, here we are.

B: One: Damn, 8000 pairs. Two: I feel like I should ask what warrants 14 pairs of pasties in an afternoon, but that may be for another interview….

Moving on, what other projects are you into? What’s on the horizon for 2016?

ARJ: I play saxophone in a few bands (Lee Presson and the Nails, The Rudicals, West Grand Brass Band, Shake Baby Shake, and Bourbon Street Babylon). I also teach sax, piano, clarinet, and improvisation at Acme Music in Oakland. I got into the same way I got into pasties (somewhat reluctantly). Someone I know from the Bay Area performer’s community asked me to teach sax at their store and two years later I have over 20 students and I love it. I had tried teaching off and on in the past, but this time it became a part of me. In 2016 I intend to remain open and brave enough to find and follow my best (or next) path. I can say that it looks likely I will continue to make pasties, teach, and perform.

B: How long have you known Hunny Bunny? And why should people come out to the Skylark?

ARJ: I’ve known Hunny Bunny for at least four years.

People should come to the Skylark on Friday nights because Hunny Bunny puts on a great show. She brings in amazing and talented performers and puts on a great show for free. You should come because the drinks are reasonably priced and the bartender on Fridays (Jordan) is good at his job. You should come because local live entertainment is the best ticket in town. Every time.

B: Well, Valentine’s is coming up, and that’s the month for lovers, apparently. What do you have going on, and do you have any advice for lovebirds? And anything for the lovelorn?
ARJ: For Valentine’s Day I will be:
-Selling pasties and working the door at the Oakland Metro for Tourettes Without Regrets’ annual “F*** Valentine’s show (Hunny Bunny will be there too!) on Feb. 4th.
-Selling pasties at the DNA Lounge in SF for Hubba Hubba Revue’s Valentine’s Day show on Feb. 12th
-Playing sax in Oakland near lake Merritt with West Grand Brass Band on the 13th.
-Playing sax in the Town of Sonoma for Lee Presson and the Nails Vs. Valentine’s Day show on the 13th.
-Doing NOYFB and celebrating with my partner-in-crime-and-love on the 14th.

B: Thanks Randy. Any gigs coming up that you want to promote?

ARJ: Besides the above?
Feb. 5th at the DNA Lounge I will be selling pasties at LA’s “Star Girls” burlesque show.
Feb. 12th West Grand Brass Band will be playing somewhere near Super Bowl City.
Feb. 19th I will be playing at the Bay Club in Redwood City with Shake Baby Shake.
Apr. 7th I will be performing burlesque at Tourettes Without Regrets for my birthday month and their “Rocky Horror” themed show.
Apr. 11th will be my 41st Birthday show and Kingfish has agreed to let me bring my band in and hire dancers to take over a Monday Night Hubba Hubba Revue at Above DNA Lounge.

B: There you have it everyone, come check out A Randy Johnson, man about town.

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