About Hunny Bunny

Hunny Bunny is the Bendy Barbie from the Barbary Coast and the Rodney Dangerfield of Burlesque. Skilled in performance arts including contortion, dance and good old joke telling, Hunny Bunny appears on stage, in films and in your dreams.

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Collaboration with photographer Mike Lloyd

Hunny Bunny by Mike Lloyd

Smoldering just for fun with Carlos Radillo

Hunny Bunny in Dressing Gown

At the East Bay Rats Fight Night – photo by Jody Lyon

Hunny Bunny at East Bay Rats' Fight Night

In costume with the folks at the Historical Emporium

Hunny Bunny in costume with the folks at the Historical Emporium

Get In Touch


After the Covid pandemic hit most of my work has been custom costume or wearable art pieces. If you need a custom piece send an email to HunnyBunnyBurlesque at Gmail. You can check out more of my knicks and knacks for sale at Etsy.com/shop/HunnyBunnyBurlesque


To inquire about hiring entertainers through Hunny Bunny Burlesque please email HunnyBunnyBurlesque at gmail.com with details about your event. Please note, hiring performers and properties means providing a day rate to each human and prop.  For scale please estimate your own day rate plus travel expenses.

Thanks and have a wonderful day



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