June Feature: Rasa Vitalia!

//June Feature: Rasa Vitalia!

June Feature: Rasa Vitalia!

Without further ado, very special birthday interview with the sparkling, sensational Rasa Vitalia.



Brian Vo: Happy belated birthday Rasa, thanks for joining me. What did you do for your birthday, and what’s coming next?

Rasa Vitalia: Hi Brian! Thank you so much for the great birthday wishes! My birthday is June 4th and I had a fantastic time! I ended up doing two gigs that day and then went out to a couple events after in which I was greeted with great unexpected love and enthusiasm! I was invited as a special guest to an event called “Go Bang” at San Francisco’s famous drag club, The Stud. When I walked in, I was greeted with all kinds of laughter and hugs, drink tickets and even birthday spankings which were hilarious! It was quite the spectacle! We danced all night to really great music and we just couldn’t stop! After, we went out to a house party in which a live band was playing salsa music, at an event called “Mapp.” I was greeted with a very special birthday song in which the entire audience sang along and the vocalists took turns on the mic. I cried with joy. OMG my San Francisco family is amazing. What a heartwarming and super loving experience that I will never forget.

Brian:That sounds absolutely amazing, what an incredibly packed night! Are you hoping to capture some of that energy and excitement and bring it to the Skylark?
Rasa Vitalia:Yes, indeed! In my life and in my life’s work, it’s all about the good energy, making a difference in the community, inspiring others to be the best they can be, global unity, celebrating life and one love! I plan on bringin’ this energy to the show at Skylark as a thank you gift to our SF fam.

Brian:So that’s the 17th right? Are you all set with what you’re going to do or are you tweaking anything?
Rasa Vitalia:Yes, the show is June 17 at 8 PM at Skylark and it’s free! I am working on a brand new performance with my first single, “Make the Quake.” There will be live singing and banter, hot dancing and go go boys, a brand-new costume to be revealed, and wild madness! Get ready for a bad ass super sexy party! We’re gonna bring it!

The brand new outfit is called, “Rasa Vitalia & The Disco Sluts.” Lol!
Brian:Hah, that’s fantastic! Sounds like there’s LOTS to look forward to!
Rasa Vitalia:Heck ya! We’re really working hard getting this all together- rehearsals, designing costumes, etc. etc..

Brian:Clearly you’re someone pursuing a lot of interests. What drives you to pursue so much of these things?

Rasa Vitalia:Once upon a time, I lived in a world without love and happiness. I’ve come to the realization of how important these things are to making the world a better place. Simply smiling and saying, “hello,” to a stranger, practicing self-awareness, and making a positive impact in the best way you can, can bring light. Each little step does make a difference, whether we realize it or not. In a world more complicated but even more connected than ever, I wish to be an inspiration for others!

Brian:I’m glad you’re in a place that is much better, and it’s great that you’re wanting to share this with others! Are there any stories you want to share about any recent successes there, or what you’re doing to bring that light out in the near future?

Rasa Vitalia:Just this year alone, in February 2016, I was asked to perform at the world-famous Apollo Theater in Harlem in New York City. That was a really big honor to perform I’m such a historical stage for sold out 1500+ audience! The response was phenomenal, not only because I had great enthusiasm, but I am a 15+ year professional who dances and sings to her own music with a very unique presentation of a high energy mix of world dance music, sword spinning and mad shake appeal that they will never forget!

Brian:Wow, that is huge. What was the event?

Rasa Vitalia:It’s part of The Apollo Theaters history to have an on going Variety Show night.

Brian:Very excellent. So, San Francisco and New York. Is there any travel scheduled for the rest of 2016?

Rasa Vitalia:Hoping for a tour in the late summer/early fall. Bring me to your town!

I don’t yet have plans for a tour. It’s something I have to work on all by myself which is really difficult. So the only response I can say is I’m hoping to create a tour for the summer/fall and with the help of the people out there they could bring me to their town!
Brian:Let’s hope so! I see you do a lot of work not just at the front of a show but also behind the scenes with production. Anything to keep an eye out for?

Rasa Vitalia:The Rasa Vitalia & The Disco Sluts Birthday Show Tour in The San Francisco Bay Area June 17 – June 27! All details are http://www.rasavitalia.com/tour-dates

Brian:Alright, thanks. Is there anything else to share?

Rasa Vitalia:I sure hope that you can come celebrate with me for this most fabulous fun booty shakin’ extravaganza! It’s gonna be a sexy hot mess on the dance floor that will make ya LOL! If you’re not able to make it, will be creating a Go Fund Me online fundraiser, because, as we all know your local artist does need your support to share such awesome gifts with the community and the world. You can also support us by sending funds via PayPal or buying CDs online. More information about contacting and supporting your local artist as well as the show dates can be found here: http://www.rasavitalia.com

Brian:Ok Rasa, thanks so much for your time!

Rasa Vitalia:Yes, thank you Brian! Thank you so much for the interview!


Rasa Vitalia will be at the Skylark Friday the 17th! For other showtimes, you can find them on her website http://www.rasavitalia.com. If you like her work, please check out her GoFundMe.


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