July Feature: An Interview with General May Yang!

Hey folks, welcome back. This is the second installment of my interviews with the performers in Hunny Bunny and Her Hot Toddies. This time around I had the great experience of interviewing General May Yang. I have to say I never had an interview like that before. Conducted guerilla style at a park chess table,… Read more »

An Interview with Suzil Von Schtupt!

Hey folks, I’m pleased to say we’re starting a new feature on Hunny Bunny Burlesque! By way of introduction, I’m Brian, and Hunny has given me the rare and exquisite honor of interviewing one of the lovely ladies of her troupe, Hunny Bunny and Her Hot Toddies, once every month! For this premiere post, I… Read more »

Belle Arts photographs Hunny Bunny and Her Hot Toddies!

Thank you to the Hop for having such lovely ladies up on stage at the Elbo Room and of course thank you Belle Arts for making Hunny Bunny and Her Hot Toddies look so good. From left to right, Suzil VonSchtupt, Hunny Bunny and Bunny VonTail.

The Syrup Lofts, Los Angeles CA

Robert Yager snagged this amazing shot of Hunny Bunny and the crowd when Trapeze played at the Syrup Lofts in Los Angeles.    

Put a bird on it

Here’s a great capture of Hunny Bunny herself at the Skylark Bar from our new house photographer Jody Lyon!

Tramp By El Elle

Check out this music video for El Elle starring members of Hunny Bunny Burlesque!

Fan Art

Check out this adorable collage by Ryan D Le Youngs <3